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Everything you really need to know about the Simrik Internet. If your question is not answer here, please GET IN TOUCH.

Where is your office address?

1st floor,

Attached building of NCC Bank,

Pokhara Lekhnath -27, Taalchowk

Tel. No :- 061-561223

What kinds of documents/identity proofs is required to get new connection ?

You will need to submit the following documents

a) For Company:-

  1. Attested Company Registration COPY
  2. Attested PAN/VAT COPY
  3. Signed Mutual Agreement

b) For Individuals:-

  1. Passport Size Photo
  2. Attested photocopy of Citizenship
  3. Signed Mutual Agreement

Can I change the package at any time?

Yes, You have to inform at our office which type of package you want change and fill up upgrade form.

I have applied for a new connection.how soon can if expect to start using your service

Within 24 hours, if stock is available for new connection in our office

Is there a data limit / FUP on my connection?

No, there is no data limit or “Fair Usage Policies” to impose a restriction on your internet connection. The connection speed never drops during the entire month, irrespective of the amount of data used.

Unlike other providers, we don’t have a Fair Usage Policy or enforce Traffic Management – that means we don’t artificially slow down your connection to allow other users to access our network, which would in turn make your speeds slower.

What type of internet package offered by Simrik Internet?

Simrik Internet provide wireless and fiber internet package.click below link to check all internet package of Simrik Internet.

Fiber- Internet Package.

Wireless- Internet Package

Do you recommend a specific router ?

Yes, We need a DSL Router (Digital Subscriber Line).

Is it possible to use your service without a wifi router?

Yes, It is possible to actively use our internet service without the use of a wifi router,directly connected with a Personal Computer/Laptops. In this connection, need requires configuring a PPPOE/Static IP address on the target Computer/Laptops

Why internet is become slow?

Their is various reasons beside slow internet. It could be from both side ,but following cause will be decrease your internet speed.

  • Unsecured Wi-Fi setup.
  • Wi-Fi password hacked by others.
  • Sharing internet connection with multiple users.
  • Less throughput of WiFi routers or WiFi routers positioned in wrong spot.

All of above thing is okay then please contact our office. Tel. No :- 061-561223

Why Internet is not working on FTTH internet connection?

You are using our FTTH internet connection and your internet is not working then please check the following things.

  • Check your Fiber ONU router /ONU is switched on or not. If not then please switched on the Router.
  • Check “LOS indicator” on Fiber ONU Router is blinking red.The RED LOS light indicates some ongoing network problem. Try restarting the Fiber router.
  • Fiber cable around your premises needs to be well managed and should not be bent, twisted or pressed. Please contact Office, if the LOS indicator is still glowing red.
  • Check “PON light” is blinking. It needs to continuously glow green for Internet to work. Try restarting the Fiber router.

Please contact our Office (061-561223), if LOS indicate or PON light is blinking.