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Get a high speed FTTH connection on reliable and affordable cost

Fiber Optic Internet

The Fiber Internet Service has helped users in effectively accessing the Internet at amazing speeds. The fiber optic network is a dedicated network because it is installed for your use. With a symmetrical connection, uploads and downloads occur at the same time with no reduction in the Internet speed. FTTH internet service is ideal for businesses and organizations that access cloud data as well as transfer heavy files.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet Service

  • High speed (Up to 25x faster than cable or DSL) and capacity in gigabits
  • Bandwidth and Big broadcasting capacity
  • Resistance capacity to external obstructions
  • Compact continuance with very affordable maintenance charges
  • Adaptability and managing large amount of data flow along with audio and video
  • It is resistant to all sorts of interference as fiber’s main conductor is glass, which cannot generate electricity

We are providing two type of connection on Fiber Internet (dark core and FTTH) with different package.